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O Lucky Man! DVD Finally Released in the UK!

After decades of waiting, O Lucky Man! is finally being released on DVD in the UK. The release date is May 19, 2008. Pre-buy (or buy) on by clicking here or clicking on the link in the Alan Price Store. There are several other new items in the store, including the Alfie Darling DVD (USA), the Pop Gear DVD (UK), and reissues of The Animals reunion CDs (Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted and Ark) for both USA and UK fans, with a release date of April 29, 2008.
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O Lucky Man! DVD Finally Released!

After decades of waiting, O Lucky Man! is finally being released as a 2-Disc Special Edition DVD in the USA. The release date is October 23, 2007. Pre-buy (or buy) on by clicking here or clicking on the link in the Alan Price Store. There are several other new items in the store, including the deluxe version of the Don't Look Back DVD (which contains extra footage of Alan with Bob Dylan) and more!
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Work on O Lucky Man! Resumes

Alan suspends touring 'until further notice' after November. The heat is now truly on for recording and writing for the O Lucky Man! stage play project. There is still no actual date for the premiere, but it's at the stage now where the total finished package has to be complete for 'delivery' at a moments notice. Perhaps once that obligation is out of the way, there might be a window of opportunity for some 'live' work before the launch date of the show. But we wait and see. We naturally don't wish to run the risk of cancelling dates if he is taken by surprise by a short-notice call of 'all systems go.' We will keep you posted with developments.
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New Archival CD Released

Castle Communications (via Santuary) has recently released another Alan Price compilation, and this one includes 10 previously unreleased tracks from the BBC music archives. The CD is entitled The House That Jack Built: The Complete 60s Sessions and it contains 54 tracks in all. The BBC tracks are: The Walk, Baby Workout, When A Man Loves A Woman, Shake, Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody, Going Out Of My Head, Knock On Wood, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me, and I Was Made To Love Her. The CD is available through the website store, or simply click here to BUY IT NOW. To buy it now in the UK, click HERE.

Alan Acts Again

Alan Price will be taking on an acting role for the first time since his 1975 award-winning star turn in the film Alfie Darling. Not personally satisfied with his work in the sexy sequel to the Sixties cult classic, Alfie, he vowed never to be seen on screen again.

But it appears that Alan has been persuaded to make a feature appearance in the British television series "Heartbeat," set to air as a Christmas special on Boxing Day. Alan will play the role of a seasoned bandleader, Frankie Rio. The music will be performed 'live' instead of the usual recorded background music used in the show, which is set in the 1960s.

In early October, Alan will be at Olympic Studios (along with Martin Wild and Peter Grant) recording the songs to be featured in the program: The House Of The Rising Sun, Changes, and I Put A Spell On You. Then he will be off to the Yorkshire moors for a couple of weeks of filming the episode, which will be entitled "The Bleak Midwinter."


The overall filming will be from October 11 through October 22, but Alan will return to London for his monthly engagement at the Bull's Head Pub on October 21.
(9-25-04, Updated 12-8-04)

O Lucky Man! Stage Show Delayed

Complications over the publishing rights are slowing down the process of O Lucky Man! making it to the stage any time soon. While the legal aspects are being sorted out, Alan will resume his concert appearances throughout 2005.

For quite some time, Alan has been slaving away in getting this long-awaited project off the ground. It took several years to locate the master tapes of the original soundtrack recordings for the film. Warner's released the album on CD in the mid-90s, but when the master tapes were finally secured, it was discovered that they contained some unreleased tracks! This occurred at the time that Alan was beginning serious work on writing the Stage Musical version of this timeless classic.

Although the project is well underway, there is still a long way to go in bringing it to fruition. Alan is composing new songs to add to the originals and the unreleased earlier material, with the idea of making up a box set double CD to be released prior to the show's premier. It's a grand plan that I'm sure we all hope will come together as soon as possible!

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